California’s First Educational Dome Building

California's First Educational Dome Building

California’s first educational dome building

California’s first educational dome building began in 2014 when CDI began construction on a Lease Lease-Back project for a new gymnasium at Wasuma Elementary School in Ahwahanee California. For cost reasons the school district went the route of a Monolithic dome.

Monolithic domes are natural insulators, faster to build than traditional construction, stronger than most buildings and about 2/3 the cost. The domes, made of concrete insulated with polyurethane foam, act as containers that naturally regulate the temperature — resulting in up to 75% less in energy costs compared to traditional buildings

While most of the domes have been recognized for their stability in tornadoes and fires, there’s potential for protection in the case of earthquakes, too.  FEMA often provides funding for domed school buildings if the district allows it to also serve as a disaster shelter.

Johnny Herrin, pictured above, acted as Construction Developers project engineer for California’s first educational dome building.

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At Construction Developers, we are constantly looking for the best building solution for our clients, weather its steel, block, concrete, wood or a dome…

Email Chad Story if you think dome construction could be a solution for your next project.  Remember, domes are clearspan (no posts), faster to construct than traditional framing, amazing insulators, incredibly strong, and 1/3 less expensive than popular methods.

For site tours of this dome project, contact Eric Tienken at Construction Developers, Inc.