Design-Build is a method of project delivery where the design-build team works under a single contract with the owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion – integrating the roles of designer and builder. By far our favorite style of delivery – letting us create more and solve problems before they get designed into the plans. A lot less change orders too, and lets face it, nobody likes change orders.

General Contracting

The majority of CDI projects are still delivered in this traditional method of Design-Bid-Build style of contracting. The familiarity of this system is what probably drives its continued use. A great method to use with contractors you aren’t familiar with and low price is primary concern (make sure design & planning are top notch or change orders and conflict will abound) The advantages to the client of Design-Build or CM-at-Risk add to their continued growth year over year.


The hybrid of contracting. Construction management at-risk is a process that allows the client of a project to choose the CM before the design stage is complete. The CM is chosen based on qualifications, and then the entire operation is centralized under a single contract. The architect and CM work together in order to cultivate and assay the design. Then, the CM gives the client a guaranteed maximum price, and coordinates all subcontract work.