Visalia Marketplace

Project Description

Client: The Uhlmann Offices, Inc.
Project Name: Visalia Marketplace
Location: Visalia California
Site Area: 4 acres
Buildings: 4 buildings and common areas
Year Completed: 2003
Value: $4,449,000.00
Type: Wood Frame
Superintendent: Steve McEntire
Project Manager: Chad Story
Architect: HTH Group

Unique Factors

4 buildings and common covered walkways plus open fireside & fountain seating areas were a great diversion from the everyday life of building single tenant retail brands.

vmp 006

Family Dollar

New Family Dollar opens in Rio Vista California

Project Description

Client:   BOOS Development
Location:   Rio Vista California
Site Area: 1 acre
Building Size: 9,200s.f.
Year Completed:   2015
Value: $1,303,613.00
Type: CBC Steel Building
Superintendent: Vincent Valenzuela
Project Manager: Eric Tienken
:   NORR Architects

The building site was located on a hillside between a cemetery and a Taco Bell. One of our favorites of the 26+ units we’ve completed so far.  The angled entry and elevated pad on the hilly lot makes for a great look.

The CBC building has a great look with the various colored metal and Nichiha stone panels.

TSC Hanford California

Tractor Supply Company

Project Description

Developer: BOOS Development
Client: Tractor Supply Company
Location: Hanford California
Site Area: 3.84 acres
Building Size: 19,112s.f.
Outdoor Display area: 14,800s.f.
Year Completed: 2015
Cost: $2,349,084.00
Type: CBC Steel Building
Superintendent: Steve McEntire
Project Manager: Chad Story
Architect: NORR

O'Reilly Auto Parts Fresno California

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O'Reilly Auto Parts

Project Description

Developer: BOOS Development
Client: O’Reilly Auto Parts
Location: Fresno California
Site Area: 1.03 acres
Building Size: 8,415s.f.
Year Completed: 2015
Cost: $833,404.00
Type: Butler Steel Building & CMU
Superintendent: Bill Elias
Project Manager: Stan Dobbs
Architect: Buddy D. Webb

The site is located on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno California and started as an infill or redevelopment style project. Construction began first with demolition of older multifamily units and abandoned retail.

Gottschalks Fresno California

Gottschalks Department Store


Project Description

Client: Gottschalks
Location: RiverPark, Fresno California
Site Area: 1.1 acres
Building Size: 100,000s.f.
Year Completed: 2004
Value: $9,750,244.00
Type: Structural Steel & Metal Studs
Superintendent: Casey Stephen
Project Manager: Stan Dobbs
Architect: Linane / Drews Architects

The Challenges